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Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I am a tech enthusiast and a blogger. Please do visit one of my blogs.

The Tech Blog

A blog covering tech topics and gadgets that matter. From mobile to cloud to social, its all here.

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The Everything Else Blog

There is more to life than just tech. This blog covers all those things from parenting to culture to sports and everything in between.

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The Music Blog

I grew up to the strains of South Indian Classical music and the beats of Ilayaraja and A.R.Rahman. I relive those memories and write about today's music here

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Sri Ranganatha Charities

My father runs a charity that publishes books in India and uses the proceeds to support various causes. This blog covers some of that effort

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Mahabharata for Kids

The official website of my first book- a version of the great Mahabharata for young readers.

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