Homestretch for the print version

This is the first “blog” entry for this site. Until now, I have been working on adding static pages but it is ready for blog posts now. I just submitted the final edits to the printer. Once it passes final review, it will be off to the races. It has been an interesting project that was kind of slow to start off but has picked up pace rapidly in the last few weeks. Thanks to my Editor for wanting to launch the book during my upcoming India trip, we should be done this week with the print version.

The print version is only the first step. I am working on the e-reader version and also a color version of the book for tablets and smartphones. Those version should launch later this summer once I get them properly formatted. Excited.

There will be a few more posts before the site goes live to the world. Until then, I will post and I will be the only reader :). Cant wait to share this with all of you soon.