About the Book

Mahabharata is one of the greatest epics known to man. Recited by Sage Veda Vyasa and written by the Lord Ganesha himself, the epic is the definitive good vs. evil battle. Set it ancient India, this book has captured the imagination of millions of reader of all ages.

As the parent of a five year old, I felt the sore need for a version of this epic that my son can read and understand. One that keeps it simple while conveying the message of the Mahabharata. This project is my attempt at making the Mahabharata accessible for a younger audience.

The book features simple text suitable for children from 5-10 in addition to gorgeous line drawings for each chapter. The print book features monochrome line drawings that also serve as coloring pages for young readers. The digital versions feature fully colored versions of the same line drawings.

All proceeds from the sales of the book (digital and print) will be donated to Sri Ranganatha Charities which will distribute the funds to various educational and upliftment programs that they have been supporting over the years. For more on SRC, please visit their website.

Please spread the word about the book and make it reach a wider audience and also help us support more charities. Please share your feedback on the book and how we can make it better through email/Facebook page/Google Plus. We hope to have this website as a hub to discuss about Mahabharata and how to make it presentable to young kids.

Your thoughts please...