All proceeds from the sale of this book- print and digital will be given to charity. The umbrella trust managing the funds will be Sri Ranganatha Charities. You can read more about Sri Ranganatha Charities here. I wanted to give a brief introduction about Sri Ranganatha Charities (SRC) here.


Over the last 15 years, SRC, based in Coimbatore, India has disbursed over Rs.20 lakhs of donations from the sale of its books. The trust has published over 25 books predominantly on Hindu religion, culture and practices. The funds collected from the sale of over 75,000 copies of all the books have benefited many charities in the city. Some of them are:

1. Ashreya charitable Society(For destitute women and children)

2. Save Our Daughters Of India(support for girls deserted by parents)

3. Coimbatore Seva Nilayam( school for orphaned girls)

4. Sri Sadguru Seva Ashram( school for poor boys)

5. Aim for Seva (Sruti Seva Trust)Total welfare care for tribal villages

6. Society For The Aid Of Handicapped children (Amrit)(school for mentally and physically disabled)

7. Sri Prasanthi Academy (School for Special Children)

8. Vidya Vikasini Opportunity School(school for special children)

9. Thulsi Rural Development Trust(education, Nutrition  and health support for village children) 10. Village Knowledge Centre Molapalayam Village (Through this centre sponsorship for students to pursue studies in Kovai  Kalaimagal College of Arts and science and Hindusthan College of Education.

11. Sri Kanchi (Kamakoti Medical Trust(Sankara Eye Society) institution providing free eye care services including surgeries for poor patients from villages)

12. Shreyas (Service Academy dedicated to value systems in children)

13. Sri Sadguru Thyagaraja Trust(Promoting Talents in Children)

14. Bharatiya  Vidya Bhavan(Promoting Cultural Values and traditions among children)

15. G.Kuppusamy  Naidu Memorial Hospital (Health care for poor and needy)

16. Raksha Hospice (Cancer care for Needy Poor)

17. Naamasankeerthana Trust (Supporting Poor elderly Vedic Scholars)

18. Sponsorship for deserving students from GKD Mat.Higher Sec School

19. Sponsorship for deserving poor students from Suburban Mat.Higher Sec School .

20. Sponsorship for deserving students from Premier Vidya Vikash School

and many more.