The author of this version of the Mahabharata is Rangaprabhu Parthasarathy. Prabhu is an avid reader who lives in Silicon Valley and works in the wireless industry. In his free time, he put this book together over a period of 4 months.  In this effort, he was ably supported by his father, Dr.V.V.Parthasarathy, a prolific writer with more than 25 titles to his credit. The print version of the book was designed and printed at Impress printers in Coimbatore, India. The line art was specially commissioned for the book and wonderfully drawn and colored (for the digital versions of the book) by Mr.A. Murugesan.

Valuable inputs and draft reviews were provided by his wife, his father and Mr.Krishna Kumar of Impress Printers. The first ever reader of this book and its biggest critic was the author’s son. Until the book passed muster with the 5 year old, it was not really done.

Now it is left to you, the reader to help the book reach a wider audience. Hopefully it will appeal to the child in you and the child with you.

Your thoughts please...