Retail stores, here we come.

I am happy to announce that we have taken the first step in putting Mahabharata for Kids in retail shelves. The first such store to carry the book is Trinethra in Cupertino, CA. Please spread the word. If the retail experiment works in Trinethra, we will consider expanding to other Bay Area Indian stores and eventually sell on

If you know of other locations which might be interested in carrying the book, do let me know. We have relatively flexible terms given that all the money goes to charity and there are no costs to be recovered as such. The goal is to reach as wide an audience as possible and garner as much funds as possible for the charity.

PS: Completely unrelated piece of info. Starting with this post, I changed the font in the website which was pretty bad to Hedley New Web. Let me know if you see the difference (or not).

Hot off the presses!
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1000 copies sold and counting

Today I am incredibly excited to announce that “Mahabharata for Kids” has sold over a thousand copies in the first six months since launch. This includes units sold in print and digital on the Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle platform and on Google Play Books. When I set out to write the book, I did not imagine the kind of response it has generated. More than the numbers, I am humbled by the stories I hear from parents. Here are some snippets.

“I recently started watching the Telugu version of Mahabharatam on TV with my daughter. We keep your book next to us as our handy guide to the characters and a simplified version of the story”

“So I was driving my son back home from his music class and he starts talking about the characters in Mahabharata . First question is why are Kauravas named that . My guess was something to do with Kuru dynasty . Second question was about who married the father of 100 sons . And did the name Kaurava come from his name likes Pandava comes from Pandu . This all comes as a result of him reading the book at sleep time every day . I am thrilled and wanted you to know that your effort was so worth it.”

“Today when I was cooking he asked me, “Is this how they used to cook?.” I asked “Who?” He was talking about Bheema when he served as the cook during their year in disguise.”

“Got the books.. thanks.. looks very interesting and is definitely on S’s level to read. Will let you know how the book is after we read. Will pass on one to cousin’s kid as well).”

The book has collected over $500 (Rs.30,000+) for Sri Ranganatha Charities. Some of those funds have already been distributed for charities like this. As I noted earlier, every single cent/paisa you contribute towards the purchase of this book is sent directly to charity. No printing costs or operational costs are deducted.

If you are thinking of buying, look here for your options.

For your continued support, THANK YOU!

Some interesting stats…

****Of the total sales, 90% is print at this point. My reasoning is that it is due to the kind or rather lack of publicity. The print format moves through word of mouth, personal distribution and friends. Also, I have sold over 50 copies to anonymous people who emailed me asking for the book and paying via PayPal. The preference seems to be for print over digital even though illustrations in the digital format are in color.
****I have done little to no publicity for the book. So every copy that sells is by discovery via this website or through word of mouth. From that standpoint, I am thrilled by the 10+ copies sold digitally every month. I also sell anywhere from 5-15 copies of the print book to interested people who discovered the book through the website.
****As time has progressed, the digital book seems to be selling better. The Kindle and iBooks version had a soft launch in August. Since then, the Kindle version has sold increasingly well. The iBooks version does not seem to garner much of interest (or even link clicks for that matter).
****Of the digital formats, Kindle outperforms iBookstore and Google Play by a solid margin of 5:1 if not better. Google Play was the hardest to publish on, is the least intuitive in terms of editing and still ends up looking weird in terms of formatting. It is also hard to discover by happenstance which is ironic since it is on the Google platform.
****The book has been purchased in atleast 10 countries – India, UK, France, Germany, US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Italy. This is as far as I know.
****The below chart shows monthly sales on digital platforms if it interests you.

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Featured in Outlook India magazine

We are officially popular!. Mahabharata for Kids was featured in an article in a big Indian news weekly magazine, Outlook India. The article talks about the current fascination with Mahabharata and how different people are reinterpreting it. I was interviewed by the writer about my motivation in writing the book and what it means to me. Some of that conversation is featured in the article. Do check the article out in print (Nov 18,2013 edition) or the online version here.

Do spread the word about it.

By the way, the Navarathri sale was so popular, it is extended until the end of the year. So what are you waiting for?. Go get your copy now.


sankara eye hospital, coimbatore
Contributions and charity

This is how your contributions are making a difference

It has been a couple of months since this book was officially launched. In that time, quite a few of you have pitched in. By buying the book, you not only picked up a book for yourself/your child/friend but also contributed to causes that matter to all of us. Today, I am excited to share the first such cause that the funds from this book served.

Last week, Sri Ranganatha Charities represented by my father and mother, with a friend sponsored an “Annadhaanam” (food donation) for poor people who recently underwent eye surgery. One half of this “Food for Patients” drive at Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust Sankara Eye Center in Coimbatore was sponsored by Sri Ranganatha Charities with funds collected from the sale of Mahabharata for Kids. A pdf of this event with pictures is attached.

It gives me immense pleasure and joy that the book is able to make a difference, however small it may be. I thank all of you for your continued support and request you to spread the word in making a bigger impact for all those need it.

Sri Ranganatha Charities (Dr VVP) – Annadhanam

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Mahabharata for kids is now in the Kindle Store

I am happy to announce that Mahabharata for Kids is now available on the worldwide Kindle store. You can download the book for your Kindle ebook reader, Kindle Fire tablets, using the Kindle app on your iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones, Windows Phone devices and for your PC and Mac. You can download the book here.

amazon kindle

The response for the book has been beyond expectations. I am thrilled and humbled. I request you to spread the word about the book, now that it is truly available across the world and on multiple forms- print and digital. As always, ALL proceeds from the sale of each and every copy of the book goes to charity with no administrative or processing overheads. So you get the dual benefit of a book for your child and a good cause to support. For a list of charities that the book will support, see here.

If you prefer the print version, email me.

If you want to read the iBook version of it, you can download it from the iBookstore.