Parents Corner

In the last one year, I have had innumerable conversations with parents on different episodes from the Mahabharata that adults have unique perspectives on. With “Mahabharata for Kids”, I have attempted to simplify some of this as much as I can. Kids will definitely have a lot of questions on how the epic played out. As parents and educators, it is our responsibility to guide these conversations in a manner that is age appropriate yet true to the spirit of the story. To this effect, I will be writing blog posts on some of these episodes of Mahabharata that can bring up questions from your kids.

Look for the category  parents corner for blog posts on questions to expect, suggested answers and hopefully discussions on different episodes from the epic. This should help you answer questions from your child, better. Do feel free to bring up topics of interest to you, or where you need support from the community to help explain things. There are folks who have done this for years and it will definitely help to tap into their reservoir of experience.